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Florida, home to over 350,000 swimmming pools in addition to beaches, canals, and lakes, leads the nation in child drownings. Adult drownings, with black males especially at risk, occur in residential as well as public swimming facilities, including those managed by local governments. A quick read of news stories unfortunately seems to correlate poor management- lack of fencing, poor visibility of the pool area, and dirty or algae-darkened pool water- to many of these tragedies.

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Swimming Pool Safety, Accidental Drowning, Drowning caused by negligence

Child or adult drowning tragedies unfortunately impact Florida more than any other state. Recreational activities on and around the water including water skiiing, jet skis, fishing, tour boats, commercial scuba diving, cave diving and all the other water activities enabled by the abundance of shoreline, ocean, canals, and public and private swimming pools mean water hazards are everywhere.

Federal, state, and municipal regulations concerning the proper and safe management of swimming facilities rely on inspection, enforcement, and are the responsibility of both the owning entity and regulators. Any breakdown in the chain of care for these facilities can be the basis of a lawsuit.

Unsafe or improperly maintained pool furnishings and fixtures including ladders, steps, or diving boards can raise the hazard at private and public pools. Negligent operation of public water sports facilities or untrained or unsupervised personnel can create hazardous conditions for residents and tourists.

Tragically, children are the most at risk, and Florida remains at the top of the list of most dangerous states for child drowning accidents. Legal action can not only help a family affected by such a tragedy, there can be a public benefit in enforcing existing standards that a successful lawsuit reinforces.

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Factors that may contribute to accidental or negligent drowning

  • - Swimming pools- maintenance, security
  • - Boating accident, life jacket, training
  • - Result of boating under the influence
  • - Lack of supervision at public pools
  • - Negligent babysitter or guardian
  • - Defective equipment- ladders, diving boards, non-slip surfaces
  • - Jet ski, water ski, water toy rental
  • - Scuba- defective equipment
  • - Scuba- lack of supervision

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