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1st Party Insurance Claims

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South Florida, famous for sun, ocean, sand, fun- and hurricanes. Justice Law's team of attorneys and staff can help make you whole again after any calamity loss, natural or otherwise. We can help you enforce your rights with any insurance claim, and we're experienced trial winners and negotiators.

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1st Party Insurance Claims

Florida's tumultuous insurance market makes it seem like every homeowners policy is almost like gambling- expensive, and no guarantee that a policy holder will like the results. Negotiating claims and enforcing policy obligations can require legal assistance and counsel, and Justice Law's team will help, whether it's negotiation, arbitration, or litigation.

What are your rights? What obligations does your insurance company have? Would an adjuster help, or is that just another burden on your return? These are all questions that can have different answers for every incident, and that's where experienced and knowledgeable legal help fits in. Lawyers and staff with the ability to understand and enforce policy language give you confidence that the best possible result after a loss can be achieved.

Justice Law's success, demonstrated by our case results, gives you confidence of our ability to litigate, negotiate, and arbitrate on your behalf. To contact a lawyer or our staff or request more information, please email justice@justiceinjurylawyer.com or call our office at 954-515-5656.

1st Party Insurance Claims

  • - Homeowners Insurance
  • - Liability
  • - Hurricane, weather, floods
  • - Fire damage
  • - Intentional acts of others, burglary
  • - Property damage

Property damage and liability policies can be complex, and insurance companies have expert lawyers and investigators. Complex claims are our specialty, and policy holders benefit from an experienced legal team which speaks the language, knows the law, and has dedicated itself professionally to winning for clients- and been recognized by the legal profession for results. Cam Justice and the attorneys and staff at Justice Law have the specialized knowledge and experience to sit across the table, or across the courtroom, from the deep-pockets insurance company.

Contact Justice Law to speak to us about any type of insurance claim- property damage or liability, natural or man-made disaster. To contact a lawyer or our staff or request more information, please email justice@justiceinjurylawyer.com or call our office at 954-515-5656.

1st Party Insurance Claims

Cam Justice and Justice Law helps those with 1st party insurance claims.

Justice Law is an experienced team of professionals, lawyers, staff, and investigators, looking out for the rights of the injured. We are ready to litigate, arbitrate, and negotiate on behalf of our clients to insure that they receive every remedy available to them under the law. Our commitment to our clients and our success in personal injury and accident law creates the record you find on our case results page.

Attorney Referrals Welcome

Justice Law welcomes referrals in all areas of personal injury including, but not limited to, dangerous products, auto accidents, premises liability, medical malpractice, wrongful death, equine accidents, maritime accidents, insurance and bad faith. We handle cases throughout the state of Florida and select cases nationwide. With over twenty years of combined experience, attorneys Cam F. Justice, Esq. and Adam D. Breit, Esq. regularly offer litigation and trial support on complex matters due to their size, scope or complicated legal issues.

The Justice Law firm will honor all referral fee arrangements and the attorney referral program offered by the firm will abide by the referral rules set forth within the Florida Bar regulations.